Organizing Your Decorating Needs

Oct, 2008
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Organizing Your Decorating Needs
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Dear Jane-Marie,
Due to the state of the economy, it is more imperative than ever to be making smart buying decisions in terms of quality, quantity and function.  Read below for some pertinent tips on how you can make your search for sprucing up your home this Fall work effectively for you!  

Organize Your Decorating Needs Before You Shop

floor planHave you ever headed out to the store in search of the perfect addition to your living room (a rug, a sofa, a new lamp) only to find out that you never measured the space and have no idea if the new item will fit much less match your existing decor?  Even I have done that!  And as more and more retailers need to discount their inventory due to the economy, you'll want to take advantage of their offerings before it's too late.  Use the following tips to put an end to impulse buys and missed opportunities:
  1. Purchase a large 3 ring binder and use dividers to create a section for each room.  Also include zipped pouches to put samples in.
  2. For each room, be sure to include the following:
    • A floor plan of the room which includes the following:  Measurements of the room, all furniture pieces, flooring (rugs), doorways, windows as well as the locations of outlets and heating/cooling vents.  Be sure to indicate width, depth and height of all items.  Also note the ceiling height.
    • Samples of your paint colors from the store where you purchased the paint.
    • Fabric samples of furniture, accent pillows or window treatments.  If you do not have these, make a list of items that you want to grab each time you go shopping for that room so that you will have it with you.  File this list under that room's section.  Quick tip:  If you don't have a sample you can take with you, find a paint swatch that matches the item and use that to match other items to it.
    • Photos of your space
    • A shopping list of items you are needing.  For example, you've been looking for a lamp to replace that broken one - note on your shopping the height and width you should look for after taking measurements.
  3. You may also want to use this binder to store receipts, labor contracts and warranties of items/services purchased so that you have one location to go to.  This will help especially at tax time or when you sell your home since you may need to calculate how much in improvements you have added over time.
  4. Carry a tape measure in your car so that it is handy when you need it.

If you would like Embellishments Design Studio to compile a binder for you on your home, I am now offering this service for a flat fee of $250 (up to 3 rooms).  Contact me today for more details.

NEW:  Organizational Services Now Offered through Embellishments Design Studio!

Before you can decorate a space, you have to organize it. 

What are you going to keep? 
What can you do without? 
What furniture pieces will work with what you are trying to accomplish? 
file cabinet
All of these questions are discussed when we work together to redo a room, but if your space needs some extra TLC, you may need more from me.  That's why Embellishments Design Studio is now offering organizational services for $50/hr.  If you are redoing a room and need to seriously declutter and set up a new system that will work with your space, you can now work with me on the organizing as well as the decorating.  Or, maybe you're taking a break from devoting money to decorating but still need to make your space work for you and you don't want to blow your budget.  Do you need to:
  • Organize a home office, redo your filing system, edit/store paperwork?
  • Organize a mudroom for school papers, extracurricular activities and pets?
  • Organize before a party to get your home looking presentable?
  • Organize clutter for donations at the end of the year in order to increase tax write-offs?
  • Organize to feel sane in this insane world we are living in right now?
If this sounds like you, give me a call!  (Decorating services are still $100/hr.) 

Embellishments Design Studio provides interior decorating, space planning and color consultations, as well as custom window treatment designs and staging services so that you can transform the house you live in into the home you love!

Jane-Marie Bloomberg
Embellishments Design Studio