Top 4 Decorating Trends for 2009

Jan, 2009
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Top 4 Decorating Trends
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Dear Jane-Marie,
Happy New Year!  2008 is, thankfully, behind us and we begin this year with the desire to try something new.  Below, I've picked my favorites from the 2009 trend list and have broken them down into workable solutions.  Also, check out the new additions to my portfolio (2 new bedrooms & 2-story window treatments) - read on for a sneak peek.

Top Decorating Trends of 2009
For a list of top decorating trends for the new year, click here.

  Read on for my top 4 faves and the "dos and don'ts" of getting these trends to work for you and your decorating budget.

Trend #1:  Colored Chandeliers -  unless you have money to burn DON'T buy colored lighting for larger, pricier pieces, such as foyer and dining room lighting - these should still be classic in color and finish.  DO carry the trend of bold color into accessories and small accent furniture.  To reduce costs of repainting, keep walls neutral and timeless.  Note:  Colored chandeliers typically work best in more contemporary interiors.

Trend #2:  Navy Blue is the New Black - DON'T forget that every room needs a dark contrasting color somewhere in it to ground it (and your TV screen doesn't count!).  DO try a dark blue sofa or dark shimmering blue silk curtains with soft, neutral, pale violet walls.

Trend #3:  Wallpaper - DON'T be afraid of large-scale prints in a small room, such as a bathroom.  DO make sure you use a wallpaper that is appropriate for humid conditions (vinyl coated paper, paper backed vinyl or solid sheet vinyl).

Trend #4:  Multipurpose Rooms - DON'T waste any real estate in your home.  If you need more space, DO consider turning your unused dining room into a study by selling your hutch and fancy dishes you never use and placing a desk armoir in its place.  Or install a murphy bed for guests in your home office.  Other ideas for adding more space without adding clutter:  Lofts in kids' bedrooms, sleeper sofas, and built-ins under staircases.

Bedroom Glamor - Recent Room Redo by Embellishments Design Studio
The recent transformation of this bedroom, complete with a living area for relaxing with a hot cup of tea and a good book, incorporated everything from hand applied finishes and rock crystal "objets" to gold gilt textures and sumptuous velvets.  Read on for how Embellishments Design Studio used the architectural interest of this room to serve as a backdrop for understated glamor - complete with a pop of color as the icing on the cake.  More photos can be viewed in the INTERIORS section at

  • The original frieze was hand painted in royal blue, rusty red and green, which did not appeal to the homeowner.  A master painter was able to bring the frieze into harmony with the existing faux marble walls by painting over it with six layers of a hand applied finish.  The knock-down ceiling was then softened with a mottled finish.
  • Glamorous textures such as the Venetian crackle glass nightstands and the gold gilt framed screen (in the living area) are balanced by the smoothness of the lacquered finishes on the bench, console and miniature Morrocan table.
  • Existing blue tassle trim was removed from the functional ivory draperies and replaced by an undulating border in a chocolate and bronze braid.
  • I believe every room is grounded by a punch of black (or other strong dark color, such as charcoal or navy), found here in the legs on the bench, the console, the artwork above the console and the obelisks on the nightstand.  These contrast nicely with the light marble walls. 
  • A mix of crystal, mercury glass, antique gold, rock crystal and alabaster layer the room in multiple textures while keeping the color story simple.  The rich dark teal adds an element of surprise and cooliving areals down the warm tones.

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Jane-Marie Bloomberg
Embellishments Design Studio