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Jan, 2009
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Dear Jane-Marie,
Have you ever gone through the process of selecting, measuring for, ordering and waiting for the delivery of new furniture only to find that the space just doesn't feel finished even once all that new stuff is in there?  Chances are you are missing accessories and artwork - and, although accessories are typically a smaller investment and can be found readily in a myriad of stores today, artwork - on the other hand - mystifies many.  Read on for a great new resource that works to demystify the process of selecting artwork as this month's Product of the Month. 

Imagine Your Artwork, All the Way Down to the Frame

I was recently trying to find some artwork for my bathroom.  I started with the obvious:
  • I raided my parents' house - a couple of finds there, but my parents still wanted to keep most of what I found on their own walls.
  • I checked out H&B Gallery, which I've mentioned before as a very fun place to go on the prowl.
  • I visited the Gift Shop at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts to see what they had on hand.  I almost purchased a print, but then I read up on it in a nearby book.  It depicted the destruction of the world - not exactly what I wanted to wake up to each morning, even if the colors were perfect.

So, I went online.  What I found was an expansive website called artsheaven.com that not only promises to deliver a reproduction oil painting in a matter of weeks (you can fool your friends that you really did purchase that Van Gogh at Sotheby's auction last month), in any size I want, but it shows the piece I selected in 40 different frames (not included).  I was able to imagine how this piece would look finished, as well as whether or not the color of the frame I might purchase would work with my interiors.  Also, the site gives information on each artist and style so that I can really learn about the piece I am about to purchase.


So, check it out . . . I'm thinking of doing Ox Team, Wharf at Matinicus with frame #12.  What do you think?  Contact me today for help with your artwork selections.

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