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Jul, 2009
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Dear Jane-Marie,
I was recently selected as an ideator for a local think tank.  The beauty of this position is that I can totally think outside the box without having to come up with a plan for implementing my ideas - which is the complete opposite of what I do for my day job.  I always want my ideas I share with you to be "implementable".  Thinking outside the box got me wondering what types of products or services would come out of an idea session for people who love to decorate their homes.  Read on for some ideas that have turned into real life options for you . . .


The best iPhone apps for home improvement (republished from Consumer Reports May 2009; article by Daniel DiClerico)

"Unlike many corporate come-ons, the current slogan for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch-"There's an app for just about anything"-is supported by some pretty good numbers. About 35,000 apps are available for those high-tech handheld digital devices, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous: Rest Area provides road-tripping families with the location of the nearest pit stop; Hold On records how long you can press a button on your iPhone or Touch.

colorsnapAll you iPhone- and Touch-toting home remodelers and home-improvement DIYers haven't been neglected. ColorSnap, from Sherwin-Williams, lets you easily match paint colors without having to head to a paint store or home center: You take a picture of an object whose color you like and, using the app, match it to the closest Sherwin-Williams paint color. (Benjamin Moore is coming out with its own color-matching app next month June).

garden tools
Landscapedia, Plant Doctor, and several other apps serve up helpful information for yard-and-garden projects.

The HandyMan Sidekick is a multipurpose calculator, helping you determine how much paint you need for a room or how much mulch you should buy for your flower beds, for example.

The iHandy Carpenter features a level (shown), plumb bob, ruler, and protractor." - Daniel DiClerico

Jane-Marie here again. If I were to develop some iPhone apps, I would want the following:
  • An app that would allow you to take a photo of a lamp or a piece of artwork at a store, for example, and superimpose it into a photo of your room - while you are at the store (my software does this but it's a bit clunky to carry a laptop around while shopping!).
  • An app where you would take a photo of an item, let's say a sofa, and then the program finds you similar looking items out in the marketplace within a specified price range.  Would that put me out of a job?  It's the "virtual Jane-Marie" app!
New Ideas in Products and Services You May Have Never Known Existed
ceramic tassel

By Golly By Holly was introduced to me at an Edina Art Fair by none other than Holly herself.  I love her ceramic tassels and think these would be great as tiebacks on curtains, door embellishments, hung from light fixtures (which I do in my kids' bathroom) or as great gift ideas for the person who has everything.

berry clear corset lampI am typically not a big fan of crystal, but I have to admit that Juliska's statement of "possibly the most beautiful tableware in the world", although a tall order, is dead on.  From their ceramics to their linens to their crystal lighting collections, they take their designs to a new level of "gotta have it".  If you are interested in seeing more of their lighting, come join me at the Collection on 5 on 7/29 between 2 and 6 for a lighting preview open house - complete with wine and appies (rsvp to me directly by 7/22).  As always, contact me for designer discounts if you are interested in this collection.

Have you covered as many walls as you can handle with your child's artwork and wish there were more ways you could display their creativity?  Beth Bogle of eecee bb in Linden Hills has found brilliant ways to collaborate with kids in order to showcase their creativity in everything from clothes for themselves to clothes for their dolls.  eecee bb will work with your child to design one-of-a-kind pieces that also support a green lifestyle in the process.butterfly drawing
final shirt
Sale Extended
kravet frame

Kravet has decided to extend its "FREE FABRIC WITH ANY KRAVET FURNITURE FRAME" sale.  Call me to take advantage of this great promotion.
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Jane-Marie Bloomberg
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