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Sept, 2008
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Dear Jane-Marie,

Welcome to the new and improved
Embellishments Design Studio! 
Although the look may be different, my
motto of "transforming the house you
live in into the home
you love" is still
as true as ever.  If you love the new look, please pass it on to those you know who might benefit from my services.  I so appreciate getting referrals from you!  Check out the new site with easy-to-access titled newsletters, and don't forget to read the Quick Tip below!   

The Unveiling of an All New Embellishments Design Studio

Take a peek at the All New . . .

Did You Know . . .
  • EDS offers custom aerial and elevation plans for furniture and flooring
  • EDS uses a Professional Local Workroom AND Professional Installer for all window treatment designs
  • EDS has a well-established network including resources for painting, remodeling, kitchen and bath design, landscaping and more 
  • EDS' home staging services can make the difference between a house languishing on the market and a sold property
Quick Decorating Tip - Low Cost Decorating Projects (that might even save you money!)

One cannot open the paper or turn on the TV this season without hearing more and more about the state of the economy.  If you are putting projects on hold because of a lack of funds, or because you are waiting for the housing market to turn around, here are some tips on how decorating can save you money in the long run:
  • Employ "Redesign" Techniques:  Move around what you have to make a space look and feel re-energized.  Send what you don't want to use anymore to goodwill for a tax writeoff.
  • Install Window Film:  This can reduce your energy costs by prohibiting heat from flowing out your windows.  Contact me for an installer.
  • Paint a Room:  Neutral walls are hot again, allowing you to add inexpensive, colorful accessories to jazz it up.
  • Change Out Lighting & Cabinet Hardware:  Lighting resources like Bellacor and Lampsplus are great - call me for additional discounts.
  • Recover Dining Room Chairs:  This is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects - I've walked many clients through the process.  Feel free to come to my studio to peruse through over 150 fabric books, and then order and install yourself!
  • Change Out/Beef Up Decorative Pillows:  Shop discount stores for new pillows, then wrap the pillow form in extra batting purchased at a sewing supplies store to give it a fuller, more custom look. 
Pottery Barn & Williams-Sonoma Home Shopping Trip
Who's in the mood to go shopping to SAVE some money?????

I received a couple of presents in the mail and I'd like to share them with you:
  • Receive an additional 20% off all Pottery Barn store merchandise including sale items now through 9/28!  (Embellishments Design Studio consulting fees of $115/hr plus mileage apply.)
  • Receive an additional 15% off all Williams-Sonoma Home merchandise including sale items now through 9/30!  (Embellishments Design Studio consulting fees of $115/hr plus mileage apply.)
If you'd like assistance in picking out Fall accessories or furniture, contact me today to set up a shopping appointment!

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Embellishments Design Studio provides interior decorating, space planning and color consultations, as well as custom window treatment designs and staging services so that you can transform the house you live in into the home you love!

Jane-Marie Bloomberg
Embellishments Design Studio