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Sept, 2008
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Product of the Month: Nano-Tex
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Dear Jane-Marie,
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When I started this company, one of my main goals was to provide truly functional designs.  As my kids got older - and messier - I strove to add products to my line that were easy to care for and had high durability ratings.  In the past, I've told you about Fiber-Seal, an application process that happens after a furniture piece has been constructed.  In the past, I've educated you on the term "double rubs" and talked about certain fabric contents to look for.  Now, I am so excited because I believe the product I've been searching for is here.  This new product allows you to have that silk upholstered chair AND your children at the same time.  And this new product also allows you to support the environment.  Read on for more info . . .   

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Go Ahead, Spill That Red Wine on your New Sofa!

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  The first high-performance textile nanotechnology that builds permanent spill and stain protection into the fiber structure of virtually any fabric.

  • Fabric aggressively repels liquids & stains (liquid beads & rolls off, rather than sinking into the fabric)
  • Retains the fabric's natural softness
  • Enhances abrasion on almost all textiles
  • Allows fabric to breathe naturally
  • Permanent (does not need to be reapplied)
  • Resists static, helping to repel lint, hair, dust & pet hair
  • Recyclable
  • No chemicals are used
  • Extends the life of the fabric

If you are in the market to replace a piece of furniture, get new draperies or buy new bedding, think about purchasing a fabric that has had Nano-Tex applied (available through designers for custom work, but some retailers now offer products made with Nano-Tex).  The application is done to the bolt of fabric before it is cut.  If you are ordering fabric from me, a one time fee of about $125 per fabric selection is all it typically costs.

Preserve your furniture,
preserve your sanity,
preserve your world.

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Jane-Marie Bloomberg
Embellishments Design Studio