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Design Projects During Self-Isolation

As all of us strive to find our “new normal” in the coming weeks, I am compelled to reach out to my client community in order to give you support and information. During this time, I am reminded about how important our home environments are to our mental health and well-being. We will be spending an inordinate amount of time indoors. Our minds will be continually influenced by the colors, objects, clutter and function of (or lack thereof) every part of our homes.  Now is the time to create an environment that supports you. Here are some ideas for projects that can be done while self-isolating or due to the slowdown:
  • Tired of your furniture arrangement and needing a tweak?  Let’s chat via Zoom, Skype or Facetime.  Show me your space and we’ll go step by step through it – move a table here, move the sofa there . . .

  • Many clients send me items they are considering and ask for my guidance via phone, email or text.  You can shoot over anything you want a second opinion on or have questions about.  I am here for you!  Charged by the minute.

  • Let’s reach out to my contractors to see if they have time in their typically busy schedules to begin your next project.  I have a feeling they will be able to fit you in!

  • Exterior projects such as house painting, additions and façade upgrades are great options for those who are looking to minimize human contact.

  • Although I have yet to “find joy” in certain pairs of socks, I understand the reasoning behind using the konmari method on your spaces.  Deep clean and organize those closets, cupboards and drawers.  And then reach out if you need some design tricks for how to make your clutter look aesthetically pleasing as well.

  • Introducing EDesign by EDS!  I now offer flat fee design services for those who are either not in the area or for those self-isolating.  This service includes:

  1. Design questionnaire + initial consultation via email/phone

  2. Floor plan specific to your space (you provide measurements)

  3. Design board (with up to one revision)

  4. URL source list to purchase all items listed in the plan (combo of trade & retail sources, depending on budget)

  5. Contact me to request flat fee pricing by space

10% of all fees incurred from new projects from 3/16 through 5/4 will be donated to the ICA Food Shelf in Minnetonka.

All interior meetings will be postponed for the time being.  Exterior meetings will still be happening.  We will continue to be vigilant when it comes to hand washing and hand sanitizer use before and after each of these exterior meeting.  I will also be using disinfectant wipes to wipe down my samples and work bags as well as key areas of my vehicle.  Social distancing guidelines will be followed. Since many of you may decide not to entertain any in-person meetings, I have options which exist for continued service:

  • Ongoing projects:  We will continue to communicate via phone, text and email.  We can also set up a Zoom meeting if you would like me to see something in your home or just like the idea of face-to-face communication.  If your project warrants the selection of items (i.e., visits to showrooms, etc.), we will discuss timing and access on a case-by-case basis.

  • New Projects:  Let’s talk!  Many times, some of the initial conversations can be done via phone or Zoom.  This allows me to determine the scope and prepare documents.  I can send requests for specific items to vendors, order paint samples, draft floor plans (you might have to give me the measurements) and more.  All of my vendors have online catalogs and showrooms have notified the design community that they will be able to service our needs from home offices if necessary.

This is a chance to transform your home into the safe, nurturing haven you need it to be.  Let’s isolate, decorate and stay healthy! 


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